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Watt.co.uk work closely with energy suppliers to offer industrial and commercial businesses a wide range of services. Whether you have a single site or multiple premises, we can recommend the right product for your business with a range of options including fixed, flexible, short and long-term contracts. You can consider one of our utility switching services for your large businesses to save your money.

Fixed Energy Agreement for Switching Service

Fixing the cost of your business energy tariffs for up to five years can give you peace of mind that your bills won’t suddenly rise and can help your business manage costs and mitigate risk effectively. We can negotiate several competitive ‘forward pricing’ products for our customers. This type of agreement can potentially save you money and guarantees that price rises won’t affect your business giving you security and peace of mind for the contract duration.

Flexible Energy Agreement to Change Utility

Our experts have years of experience in the energy market meaning that we can obtain the best prices by analyzing the energy markets to determine the best “time to market”. As one size doesn’t fit all, we work with you for switching energy suppliers that can offer flexible supply agreements for complete cost transparency. This allows you as the customer to decide when and how to buy energy according to market conditions.

We can also assist you with developing and formalizing risk management strategies that give you more control of your risks and the opportunity to benefit from market fluctuations.

Utility Basket Agreement for Large Businesses

If you want to take advantage of a falling market but also want to protect your business from dramatic price increases in the energy market, we could explore a ‘basket’ strategy. By pooling our clients’ business electricity and natural gas purchases into a basket agreement, we have the leverage to negotiate energy contracts with terms typically reserved for larger commercial customers. This enables us to secure lower prices for small and medium-sized enterprises, granting them access to privileged models and strategies that are usually reserved for corporate clients.

Select and Secure Strategy to Take Advantage of Utility Market Drop

If you are currently in a fixed strategy but the market has fallen and you would like to explore how you can take advantage of these lower prices, our ‘Select and Secure’ strategy could be perfect for your business needs. This is still a fully fixed agreement but with an added advantage. Should the market drop sufficiently, you can extend your agreement on lower rates meaning you will benefit from any significant drop in the wholesale market.

Multi-Site Service to Reduce Utility Cost

If you have five or more sites that require utility contracts, a multi-site energy contract will allow you to reduce costs and minimize hassle. With our utility switching services for large businesses, we can contact your suppliers to negotiate the best deal for your needs. Grouping your utilities together can make a simpler and more manageable single multi-site contract, which is significantly more cost-effective than purchasing energy services for each site separately.

Contract End Date Alignment

We work with suppliers that offer contract end date alignment or a variable contract length. This works well for large companies that have multiple sites so the contract end dates are all aligned to make the management of your sites easier and more efficient.

Site Solutions

Whether installing new supplies or replacing existing meters, we work with suppliers who use trusted UK engineering companies to manage the entire project from concept to completion. This includes an Upgrade of existing supplies, a New Meter installation, a site visit, design, planning, and project management.

Renewable Utility Energy Option

Should you prefer to run your organisation on green energy, then we can provide you with suppliers who provide both Green Gas and Electricity (renewable energy sourced from solar, wind, or hydro-electricity).

Utility Services for New Connections

Installing new utility connections and meters can be time-consuming and a costly process for your project. Our dedicated team of specialists provides you with a whole package solution for gas, electricity and water connections on all new and existing commercial, industrial, and residential building projects. We will manage the project from the initial design and quotation of the works to the connection of the utility, right through to negotiating your energy contract and meter installation.

Your dedicated account manager will help to ensure the effective delivery of your utility connection. Rather than wasting time negotiating with several different parties to meet tight deadlines, Watt.co.uk gives you one dedicated point of contact who manages the complete process for you from start to finish.

Switch Your Business Water Supplier

Switching to a cheaper business water provider could not be simpler. Watt.co.uk work with the leading water suppliers to ensure we can get your business the best possible savings on your commercial water bills. We will look at: a Water efficiency a Smart metering a Leak detection and repair a Water and wastewater infrastructure a Contingency planning and emergency water.

Telecom Utility Cost Saving Solution for Large Business

The success of any organization is dependent on a good telecoms structure, whether focused on telephone, email, fax or internet. We work together to establish exactly what you need to suit your business, and find an ideal, cost-saving solution appropriately. We have negotiated exclusive rates that guarantee to save your business money.

As a truly independent company, we have the freedom and independence to select from a wide range of the very best network providers and manufacturers who specialise in the latest business telecommunication technology solutions in the UK. Some of their products include: a VoIP / Cloud solutions a Calls and lines a SIP a Business mobiles a Non-geographic numbers.