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Letter of Authority (LOA)

Our online Letter of Authority is a quick and easy way for you to authorise us to work on your behalf in regards to your energy supply arrangements. In order to legally sign this Letter of Authority you will need to be the person named on the current energy account.

LOAs enable us to do the following:

  • Confirm your existing tariff prices – meaning we can find you a more bespoke and appropriate price for your next contract.
  • Check energy consumption – which means we can provide you with a more accurate annual /monthly/quarterly spend and comparison.
  • Issue contract termination notice – to allow a transfer to your chosen supplier.
  • Deal with any objections and rejections that may arise during a supplier transfer – basically this means we can deal with any issues that crop up.

We do all this SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO! No more waiting on the phone for the suppliers or chasing quotes!

We can do nothing more than what is detailed in the document. Please note that this document does not enable us to agree a new contract on your behalf. Simply complete the relevant fields on the document below and click. We’ll confirm with you once we’ve got it, and it is all systems go to securing a better deal for your business!