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Solar Power Portal Launches New Campaign; ‘Solar Summit’ Event

The UK’s frontrunner renewable resource firm Solar Power Portal has recently unveiled its new campaign highlighting utility-scale solar that are unsubsidised in the UK.

This campaign, ‘Subsidy-free Solar in the UK’ runs from February until June 2020, leading up to a two-day event spearheaded by the organisation, the Utility Solar Summit UK, which will be held in central London from 10-11 June. It will be an investigation of the project pipeline and business models reinforcing utility-scale solar.

Solar Campaign

The Solar Power Portal’s Subsidy-free Solar in the UK is a four-month content campaign that tackles the growing number of utility-scale solar that are not backed by any funding in the UK.

From February to June, the resource site will reveal in precise detail how the nation’s solar market is restarting its build phase following the Renewables Obligation (RO) closure in March 2017.


The campaign encompasses news, features, interviews, case studies, and other media prepared by the SPP editorial team that discloses in-depth information and a closer look at the subsidy-free solar sector in the UK.

The campaign will be tackling insights on unsubsidised solar photovoltaic (PV) and its economic feasibility. This group of content will also explore new business design, models, and build principles, as well as power management practices that will

This project is done to showcase the developments in the solar sector that are to be pushed forward, starting from the second quarter of the year. The in-house marketing team from Solar Media revealed its findings in early February about the UK solar project pipeline, which has grown to around 6.5MW. Some 1.5GW is expected to be realised this 2020.

The Subsidy-free Solar in the UK campaign will lead up to the upcoming Utility Solar Summit UK, organised by SPP. The event will be held from 10-11 June 2020 and will investigate the project pipeline and the growth and development of business models to support the forthcoming proposals in solar.

Solar Media editor in chief Liam Stoker said the UK’s utility-scale solar sector is stirring awake after hibernating after the sudden withdrawal of subsidies. He stated the deployment of subsidy-free projects has long been in talks, but recent evidence suggests that the UK is now ready to move forward with a subsidy-free scheme.


Stoker stated the content drive and summit would answer the questions regarding utility-scale solar, which he believes is timely given the current situation of the energy market today.

Investigating the Solar Sector

Solar Power Portal inaugurated the Utility Solar Summit, a two-day event that showcases the return of the UK’s solar industry in deploying gigawatt-scale projects following the three-year stoppage of the Renewables Obligation scheme.

The event is a collaborative effort between the organisation’s editorial and research teams, aiming to unveil critical insights of new yet unsubsidised assets. There will be discussions regarding project pipelines and their respective economic feasibility, as well as 100MW mega-solar sites and state-of-the-art PV technologies.

The event slated for 10-11 June is designed to coincide with the implementation and construction of new projects by the UK’s solar vital players.

Utility Solar Summit has five agenda highlights: identifying the 2020/2021 project pipeline, multi-GW utility-scale project developers, 100-500 mega-solar sites in development, over 400 solar PV panels module supply, and combining these elements to reach government targets.

Key players in the industry are expected to attend the summit, including leading stakeholders undertaking over 6GW solar farms at their planning stages, active project developers in the UK, consultants. Additionally, companies planning to buy-out portfolios, module suppliers, inverter producers, and other groups that are to play a role in the UK’s solar sector will also be in attendance.


The steering committee for the said event is headed by Finlay Colville, Solar Media head of research, and Liam Stoker, Solar Media head of content. Colville has been spearheading solar studies and market analysis for over ten years, investigating the entire value chain from deployment to pipeline activity.

Liam Stoker has charted the UK’s solar industry success for five years, from the ROC scheme to today’s unsubsidised developments. He has directed the resource firm’s editorial output and contributed to the success of events in the sector’s finance, installation and deployment fields.