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Switch Business Utilities Online: A Step-By-Step Guide

At Watt.co.uk you can conduct a full energy market comparison for both your gas and electricity and complete your switch business utilities online, in five simple, hassle-free steps.

5 Steps to Switch Business Utilities Online: Easy & Effortlessly:

Step 1: Provide Contact and Business Details

The first part of the online switching process requires you to provide your contact and business details, such as your name, address, energy supplier, business type, etc. You will need to provide some additional home address details if you are a sole trader and the length of time your business has been incorporated if you are a limited company.

Step 2: Information Regarding Business’s Energy Usage

In the second part of utility exchange online, the form will ask you for information regarding your business’s energy usage. Please note, in order to provide a range of energy deals we need to collect accurate information regarding your energy use and account, therefore, having a copy of your most recent energy bill to hand will be highly beneficial, as it will provide you with all of the essential information needed to process your energy comparison and switch business gas and power. Currently, we are only able to complete online electricity switches for consumers who’s MPAN begins 03, please check your electricity bill for this information. If your electricity MPAN does not start with 03 please click here to complete an online quote form and a member of our team will contact you to help you complete your switch or renewal.

Step 3: Choose Your Best from Competitive Energy Deals

Once you have completed the online comparison form to switch business utilities online, we will provide you with a range of the most

competitive energy deals from across the market; we will also show you how much you can save by switching or renewing your energy contract.

Step 4: Sign and Submit an LOA

Once you have selected a plan that best suits your business’s energy needs, you will be required to sign and submit a Letter of Authority (LOA). This will need to be completed by whoever is named on your business’s current energy account. Please remember to verify the Letter of Authority via the verification email sent to the email address you have provided.

Step 5: Switch Business Utilities Online by Clicking “Switch Now”

Once you have checked all of the information provided on the summary page and are happy to proceed with your business energy switch online, all that is left to do is click switch now, sit back and wait for your new contract to be sent to you via the email address you have provided. Please note some suppliers require verbal contact, if this is the case, a member of our switching team will contact you to conduct the verbal contract.

If there are any further issues regarding your online switch a member of our team will contact you.

To compare business energy rates from across the market and complete your switch online today click here.